Art School Accused of Darkening Students' Skin, Adding in Black Students to 'Diversify' Brochures

An art school in Lyon, France has had its integrity called into question after it was allegedly caught Photoshopping black students into its group photos. Compare the results and judge for yourself.

The Émile Cohl art school was apparently inspired to make the changes in its efforts to appeal to an American market. But the institute has been forced to issue an apology after several of its students made claims that their faces had been “digitally darkened” on the American version of the faculty’s website — with some black people even being inserted into the middle of the class photo.

Naturally, the Internet’s having none of it, with one Twitter user, who is claiming to be a former student, posting both of the photos online for all to see.


With plans to expand to Los Angeles next year, the school’s attempt to diversify its current alumni has backfired spectacularly. Speaking to CNN, the assistant director of the school, Emmanuel Perrier, apologized:

The communication company decided on its own to darken the skin of some students to add diversity. The communication campaign was made from the U.S.

He admits to not noticing the amendments to the images until highlighted by students. It has since been removed, two days after it first appeared on the website, and although refusing to name the communications company behind the campaign, he insists the contract between the two has been terminated.

Lead image credit: Agence Olloweb on Unsplash, used under Creative Commons. 

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Nate Reese's picture

only in US :)

Alexander Lobozzo's picture

"An art school in Lyon, France" lmao....but i'm sure it happens in the US too! I know that my college showed more black students in the brochure than there were in the entire university.

mlittle's picture

I am gonna go out on a limb here and assume you meant only in the US do we know how to read and that Lyon, France is NOT in the US.

Nate Reese's picture

sure, I`ve been to Lyon :) .. but who iniciated it ? .. that brochure is tied to expanding that school to US

mlittle's picture

Apparently, I have to explain it to you. THEY are a school in FRANCE. THEY made the brochure. AMERICA had nothing to do with it. If you need further explanation please let me know.

Nate Reese's picture

that brochure was made as a part of marketing plan to expand to LA (that LA in US) and US partners gave idea to darken skin on some dudes to make it more diverse for US enviroment .. thus my comment about US .. if you need further explanation please let me know :)
btw no need to get hostile .. you just didnt get what I ment .. no biggie, peace ...

r m's picture

THEY are a school in FRANCE. ok
THEY made the brochure. NO The communication company decided on its own to darken the skin of some students to add diversity. The communication campaign was made from the U.S.

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Mark James's picture

So they are shamed for lying, or shamed for not being racially diverse. As long as they are shamed for something, so we can move on to shaming everyone else. What a shame... Or, he was just asking for it, with that fro! :D

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Soon they will add black people to add diversity into history inventions so they wouldn’t be left out.

michaeljin's picture

Diversity and inclusion are not only about black people. kthxbye

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

I never said it was.

Simon Patterson's picture

They realised there's a requirement for virtue signalling, but forgot the local taboo about black face! Rookie error, but easily done when you're not from the US.

Brook Brown's picture

I wonder if they're as concerned about the quality of the education they provide as they are about their marketing.

Hopefully, the execution is better...

Kurt Lindner's picture

OMG! This is positively HILARIOUS!

Luc-Richard Elie's picture

Well its clear that the photoshop instructor at that schools sucks. #HardPass

Przemek Lodej's picture

As if affirmative action wasn't bad