Canon Australia Speaks to the Heart of all Photographers

Talk about doing advertising! As part of their "What do you see?" campaign the spot takes a unique approach to selling camera gear, by never mentioning it once. Instead we are treat to closeups of peoples eyes as they look at the things most important to them.

"There are over 7 billion of us on our planet,” says the narrator. “All looking at the world in our own way. But no one sees it like you.”

After several more reflections and brief voice-overs the spot fades as you're asked..."What do you see?"

Talk about inspiring you to express yourself in imagery!

Via PetaPixel

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This is ironic, because the standard of advertising in Australia is very... ummm... "low", to be gentle about it. And this is really quite superb. Does anyone know who the ad agency is?

Sterling-Cooper Draper Pryce.

I must be getting old and cynical, I just think this is a load of irrelevant hogwash. A bit of macro work and some CGI. It doesn't help the consumer in anyway. Its just meant to try and make a warm fuzzy feeling to encourage people to buy more stuff they don't need. I yearn for the day when educated customers demand more from marketing and PR people. And second to that, Canon is not particularly good at helping people achieve their vision when compared to the more innovative players in the field. It is an interesting post to look at though from a shooting / concept point of view. My rant is in no way an attack on F-Stop for posting this. Its undoubtedly good to look at.

...and you just contradicted yourself. One of the goals of marketing and advertising is to catch your attention and one of the ways of doing that is by coming up with something beautiful. They got you to see it and appreciate it. Not every selling point needs to be based on facts and stats.

This just made me more proud to be a photographer. Very powerful ad. :)

I want to see how the eye reacts to seeing the price tags on Canons new lenses...

that's the teary one

I like it.

Nice video! Would be great to do a parody were they show an orgy in the eye of a skinny mostached photographer xD

Donald Draper came up with this ad.

Hahaha exactly my first thoughts...."What do you see?" Don Draper doing his pitch at some canon folks...

nice advert. better than the Df hype ads before release. totally different approach but it makes me want to grab a canon.

"But no one sees it like you.” hmmmm, I wonder if that's actually true, or they're just saying stuff?

Nikon did it way better with "Tears", but I think that was a great piece of advertising. (Nikon video

Great advertisement. Selling is giving people the excuse they want to tell themselves so they allow themselves to part with their own money.

Nobody sees like you do, therefore YOU need a camera to record the way YOU see it.

Love this ad. Super minimalist and super striking.

its all crap compared with leica