Cara Delevingne Is Selling an NFT Based on Her Vagina

Cara Delevingne Is Selling an NFT Based on Her Vagina

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Cara Delevingne has joined the crypto game and is selling an NFT all about her vagina. The successful model and actor is auctioning a video in which she appears to be naked.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of NFTs, essentially they are digital assets that are encrypted. They are considered the original artwork, not a copy, and can be bought and sold. For more information on NFTs, see the article Should Photographers Cash in on the NFT Cryptoart 'Gold Rush'? by Paul Parker.

The video in question is 30 seconds long and features Cara Delevingne from the shoulders up, seemingly topless. She speaks directly to the camera, delivering a poetically written dialogue about her ownership of her vagina. It’s a strong message about ownership over one's body — one will resonate with many.

"My first word was ‘mine'. To me, that means something that is most mine, my vagina. I own it. It’s mine and no one else’s. I choose what I do with it. And no one can take that away from me.”

It’s important to note the intentions behind this NFT, as I’m sure many haters will be on the horizon. Teaming up with the artist Chemical X, Delevingne began this project as a way of raising money for the Cara Delevingne Foundation. This foundation focuses on a variety of causes including supporting women’s rights, the LGBTQ+ community, and environmental causes, to name a few. Other artists are involved as well as Delevingne. The project will feature artworks from Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewart, and Orbital.

Technology is rapidly growing and it’s refreshing to see people of a higher position in society use this technology for good. What are your thoughts on Cara Delevingne's NFT? Let us know in the comments!

Lead image by Pexels from Pixabay, used under creative commons.

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David Pavlich's picture

Wasn't it P.T. Barnum that said something about suckers?

David Pavlich's picture

Thank answered my question.

Rick Astley's picture

This isn't really about an NFT, it's about doing good things with new technologies. The sale of this NFT is not only raising money for good causes but the artwork itself represents a milestone in the history of cryptocurrency as it is the first ever auction of an NFT stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. This NFT is making a statement about the future of art on the blockchain as it used no energy, cost less than 1/10 of a cent to create and is secured on the worlds most secure blockchain, Bitcoin. History is being made!

Tom Anderson's picture

Thanks for your comment, Rick! - Though something tells me that's not your real name...
You are absolutely right and share some good points. We are at the start of something big here.

Warwick Cairns's picture

I just don’t understand NFTs. As far as I understand it, people can download the exact same images or videos for free, or they can pay lots of money to ‘own’ the NFT version. Is that sort of how it works?

g coll's picture

An NFT is basically a proof of ownership of the original. If you had van Goph's original Sunflowers (not hte best example?) would anyone believe you that it's the original without you providing some kind of certificate stating so? An NFT is just like that certificate. Anyone can own a copy of an image of video but an NFT proves it is the original and therefore valuable.

g coll's picture

I'm not discussing the issues, just helping Warwick understand what an NFT is.

g coll's picture

But, usage of the V word here is a brilliant idea. The more traction she gets with this the better. All power to her.

g coll's picture

Ok boomer

Ken Hunt's picture

Pretty big difference between a physical object and a digital file. The painting can be verified as the original by examination. Not so with the digital file. So what what possible value could be added to this digital file just by having an NFT since it is indistinguishable from a copy?

g coll's picture

The NFT proves it is the original. If you have the original of something, even if it is indistinguishable from a copy, then you have what is valuable over what isn't.

jim hughes's picture

Sadly, yes, that's all there is to it.

william sheehy's picture

I think theres a v and d on every corner of the street.

Doriano Ciardo's picture

Ahahahhhh, after the scented candle to Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina there will also be the one to orgasm, and then this other crypto bullshit on this other idiot's vagina. But what am I saying, in their boredom these VIPs hook millions of idiots with foam in their mouths. Let's not complain if useless people like the Kardashians have become billionaires. Do good causes by calling serious people, not dead of cunt.