Former President Barack Obama's Tweet Including a Pete Souza Photo Is the Most Liked in History

Former President Barack Obama's Tweet Including a Pete Souza Photo Is the Most Liked in History

In responding to the events at Charlottesville, former President Barack Obama tweeted a Nelson Mandela quote and a picture taken by former White House Photographer Pete Souza. The tweet has gone on to break records, becoming the most popular of all time.

The former president has been relatively quiet on Twitter recently, but his recent post has quickly skyrocketed. As of this time, the tweet has amassed over 4 million likes and 1.5 million retweets, while continuing to grow:

Pete Souza himself also posted the photo on Instagram, commending the former president for his message and including the same Mandela quote. Souza is widely respected and lauded for his work as the White House Photographer and continues to be highly active in posting his images and issuing political commentary. Of course, this is yet another reminder of the ability of photography to connect with people and the crucial role it serves in society. His powerful work, when combined with Obama's (and Mandela's) message, seems to have resonated with many people. 

[via Washington Post]

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I've given Trump the benefit of doubt that he's just another eccentric but deep down he's surveying the situation before playing his master stroke. Now i realize he's an unbearable buffoon with verbal diarrhea

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Who said to ignore anything Obama has done? Trushar was simply making the same observation that over 60% of the country has made at this point

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Actually as of yesterday 65% of americans have made the same observation.

Your healthcare system is flawed from the start. Your bills are ridiculous and only photographer's bills for advertising photography can compare with them in ridiculousness :)

"America's healthcare system was just fine before Obama ruined it." Now that is hilarious!

Me and my wife visited doctors twice while visiting US for 1 month. The bills we like 10-20 times higher than we have in Switzerland (most expensive country in Europe and arguably in the World). For 3-hours of visits to 2 doctors, some blood tests and ultrasound -around $8000, for 20-minute visit to fix joints - $1200. We checked with locals and they've said that if you don't have insurance - it is pretty normal to pay something like that.

E.g. delivery of a baby in Switzerland will total around $5000 - $8000, depending on the hospital. It includes medical services and 5 days in hospital.

Strangely enough, I know one small European country which also seems to contribute slightly to pharmaceutical research and have pharmaceutical companies population density similar to human population of New York... ;)

I'm just not sure in validity of your statement, but just too lazy to check facts.

You probably just need more facts and solid statements in your comments. That would make discussion more grounded from both sides.

Facts checking involves facts. Vague statements like "America generates the majority of the world's medical and pharmaceutical research, discovery and development" are too hard to check as they contain too many facts and none of them at the same time.

Michael Holst's picture

I'd look up how much of drug companies budgets are spent on marketing compared to R&D before you justify what it costs Americans.

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you responded to his claim that costs are so high and this was in your post

"For example, what many foreigners like you don't realize is that America generates the majority of the world's medical and pharmaceutical research, discovery and development. Much of that is a result of the American public paying for it one way or another. And here's another thing that foreigners like you don't realize, you benefit greatly from what America achieves."

While the fact that drug development happens mostly in the United States is correct I don't think that it has a lot of weight against the point that our system is set up to keep costs high. Looking at the budgets drug companies operate under advertising and marketing dwarf R&D. So revenues that "The American public" are paying for don't justify the high costs. This has little to do with red/blue politics and more to do with monopolistic competition with regards to the economics of it.

The US-centrism you express to foreigners would not hold up if we weren't so willing to give those companies so much money. They only do it here because we are suckers to their system of high costs. This research could be done anywhere considering the low margins of revenue spent on R&D. We are overpaying and they like staying here because its a good deal for them. Not something I'd be so quick to brag about.

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Drug companies could do the same thing in another country. They do it here because we aren't smart enough to see how BS it is that we let them charge what they do. Again looking at R&D budget vs marketing (seriously look this up) the united states are suckers.

Michael Holst's picture

I wouldn't call it a diversion when it has a connection to the discussion. Unless your understanding and current opinion means everything to you and you cant change your world view, Which would be sad. Clearly you have the right to think and feel any way you'd like but not acknowledging facts because they threaten your current staunch position is willful ignorance. I'll leave you the last word as you're going to want I'm sure.

Embarrassingly classic example of completely missing the point there from Bill Reed.

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Photo in header of the page is a bit red compared to original :)

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Dare I say it....I like the boosted image better than the original :/

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We should probably just keep Politics & Religion out of here...take pictures, talk about taking pictures and share pictures.

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Actually, this was the whole point of the post to stir up the political pot. It's happening on other forums and social media I participate in the last couple of days disguised as something "innocent". The usual troll click bait that we saw during the election.

Alex Cooke, master of controversial posts.

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Yeah, I'm really not sure if this is in reference to my post or Obama's, but if it's referring to mine, I would ask that you reread and notice the extreme lengths I went to make sure the article had no hint of my personal political leanings. The point was to say: "look, a really respected photographer's work resonated with a lot of people, and that's a neat reminder of how important our work can be." It's certainly not clickbait; you knew what the article would be based on the title, and believe me, if my intention was to troll, it would be obvious. The fact that the comment section has unfortunately (though not unexpectedly) mostly ignored the photographic aspect of this is a bummer.

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I can't choose when a Pete Souza photo is going to go viral; I'm nowhere near that important.

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Impossible to know but I wonder of the four elements of his post, the timing, Nelson Mandela's words, the photo or the fact President Obama posted it, which had the greatest impact on the popularity. Or conversely, which had the least impact.
My point being, I don't think the photograph had much impact. I really like it, though!

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Obviously, I cannot know what you were really thinking by posting the photo. However, I just don't believe you. No biggie....there's plenty of people I don't believe. I really think you knew by posting the image you were hoping "anti Trump talk" would get stirred up. Why else would you go out of your way to remove political leanings as you stated above? So you can have a great comeback?

The photo is not technically special. The photo does have an emotional hook and a "moment" which is nice. Souza is a fantastic photographer. However, I do not believe those are the reasons you really .posted

Just be honest....people are smarter than you think

Alex Cooke's picture

Dale, you can either accept me as trustworthy, or there's not much else to be said here. You asked for an explanation and I gave one; if you don't believe it, that's on you. If you read my other work here, the last conclusion you'll come to is that I'm deceptive for the purposes of subtle influence.

The anti-Trump talked should be stirred up. All the time. As much as possible. If you disagree with me you have something wrong with you. There is no grey area here.

The opinion of those outside of America is also valid.

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