[Gear] Exciting New Strobe Boasts 1000 Shots w/o Overheating

Japanese manufacturer Nissin Digital have announced a newly designed speedlight, the MG8000 Extreme, and claims it's capable of 1,000 consecutive flashes without overheating due to it's ceramic insulation, a quartz-based flash tube (more like those found in studio lights), a glass screen to protect the lens from heat and it's use of air vents.

If all the claims are true, the MG8000 is designed to outperform industry leading strobes such as Nikon's SB-910 and Canon's 580EX II. Cycling at 3 seconds for the first 200 shots and then increases to 7 second cycles, without a reduction in light intensity. The MG8000 Extreme utilizes a full color display, tilting/swiveling head, a metal hot shoe foot, wireless control, a secondary fill flash, zoom from 24 to 105mm, adjust intensity down to 1/128 of full power and fully Nikon/Canon TTL compatibility. Estimated price range is approximately $625US. The MG8000 Extreme huh... well the name could use some work. Which is maybe why many have already dubbed it the "machine gun" of flashes.

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Noah's picture

ehhh I think I'd still rather take 2 Alien Bees over this at this price range ;)

Ya, but would they be kinda heavy on top of your DSLR?  .... ;)

Noah's picture

Well... I guess I could buy just one Studio strobe and use the rest of my money on a voice activated lightstand.. *ahem* I mean assistant... so hard to be politically correct these days XD

Put extreme on product, instant success.

I'm going to wait for reviews to come out before I believe the rumors...

Hmm, I'm not sure it's as good as it sounds - 3 second recycle times and then 7 seconds after the first 200 shots.If the recycle times were shorter, then I think I would be more impressed.

Or perhaps I'm just not getting what it would be useful for?

Noah's picture

I'm also wondering what the recycle times could get to with an external battery pack

Within 1 second with ATG Elite Gold Battery or Nissin Power Pack Pro 300.
And at 2.3 seconds with Quantum Turbo Battery.

craig obrist's picture

speaking of flashes. Maybe you guys can give me some cheap ideas for a replacement to my sb-600s. I actually shoot canon now but use my old sb 600s on manual with triggers for portrait shoots. I don't need anything flashy(see the pun:)) but something in the power range of the 580 but an off brand that is reliable and easy to control as well as cheap no ttl needed etc. 

 Is this a serious question?  The Yongnuo YN-560 flash is the answer. I don't think there could be a more perfect fit to your request.

Not as good as the Vivitar 285HV Flash.
Most of you are not even born when this was made.

Joop van Roy's picture

 Lumopro 160

Love my Lumopro 160. I use it over my sb-900 most if the time. 

Nick Viton's picture

 check out the oloong sp-690

ATG says go with a Vivitar 285HV if you are using Auto Sensor & Manual or Nissin Di622 Mark II

Better but still budget model would be the ATG Gold Flash Kim II.
Gold will do wireless ETTL or ITTL or both plus works on many film flash cameras.

ATG & Alzo Digital, CT have them in C & N.

craig obrist's picture

Sure am serious. Actually I should have put that I was looking for something with a guide number above 100 at full zoom. I have always used my studio strobes and brand camera flashes but when it comes to a little off brand for speed lights I am really in the dark. 

Did you check out the YN560? It's on Amazon for $70. There is a YN560ii available for $80. It has an upgraded interface, but the same basic thing.

You could keep your sb-600s and use something like the Lastolite tri-flash bracket. Basically it's a flash bracket that allows you to attach 1 to 3 flashes on that one bracket. So you could go for the power of 3 flashes, or less power and shorter recycle times.


Garrett Graham's picture

I also vote for the YN560 great little flash ended up with one Einstein and two of these :-) 

This was made from the ideals of the Quantum QFlash, Canon 580EX II, Nikon SB-910 and Vivitar 285HV- all rolled into one hotshoe zoom able flash with 1 extra lighting.

So don't nick pick and say you are broke or it costly.

Buying a Quantum Trio Flash with a Turbo Battery and HV Cable will set you over $1,400.00.  
And you can't zoom and do wireless ETTL II or ITTL.
Even slower to fully charge the flash.

Good luck on changing the Turbo Battery when you need a replacement.

ATG & Nissin batteries are user's replacement. 
And they work on Nissin/Canon/Nikon/Sony/Quantum.

Brandon Luckain's picture

Damn, and here I was considering getting a Metz 58 AF-2C for the secondary fill flash reflector...