GoPro Unveils HERO6 Black and Fusion Action Cameras

GoPro Unveils HERO6 Black and Fusion Action Cameras

At an event this morning in San Francisco, GoPro unveiled its latest flagship product, the GoPro HERO6 Black. The HERO6 boasts an impressive new set of features that marks it as a distinct update to the GoPro HERO lineup. In addition to the HERO6 Black, GoPro also revealed the Fusion, a revolutionary new action camera designed to capture spherical video.

GoPro HERO6 Black

As expected, the HERO6 offers a bump in specs relative to its predecessor bringing its video recording chops up to 4K at up 60 fps or 1080p up to 240 fps which effectively doubles the framerate of the HERO5. In addition to the bump in specs, the HERO6 Black also boasts improved dynamic range as well as a boost in low-light performance. GoPro also claims that they have integrated the most advanced video stabilization that they have ever achieved in order to maximize the smoothness of even the most action-packed video. A complete list of the GoPro HERO6 Black's features can be found below.

  • Powered by GoPro Custom-Designed GP1 Processor
  • 4K 60 fps and 1080p 240 fps Video
  • QuikStories Enabled, GoPro App Compatible
  • Most Advanced Stabilization of any HERO camera
  • All-New Touch Zoom
  • 3x Faster Offload Speeds via 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof to 33 feet (10m)
  • Compatible with Karma and Existing GoPro Mounts
  • Improved Dynamic Range and Low-Light Performance
  • Raw and HDR Photo Modes
  • Voice Control in 10 Languages
  • GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The GoPro HERO6 Black is available today for $499.

GoPro Fusion

Designed to capture immersive spherical content, GoPro claims that the Fusion is the beginning of a new area in creativity. With built-in "gimbal-like" stabilization, the Fusion is designed to capture virtually any situation. Recording spherical 5.2K video at 30 fps or 3K video at 60 fps, the Fusion is no slouch in the resolution department. Furthermore, the GoPro Fusion also enjoys support from GoPro's mobile app allowing users to easily share footage as VR content or as traditional fixed perspective video. The GoPro Fusion's complete specs can be found below.

  • 5.2K 30 fps and 3K 60 fps Spherical Video
  • 18 MP Spherical Photo
  • GoPro App Compatible
  • OverCapture Allows for Traditional Video Creation from 360-degree Footage
  • Advanced Stabilization
  • 360-degree Audio
  • Waterproof to 16 feet (5m)
  • Time-lapse Video and photos
  • Night Lapse and Burst Modes
  • Works with Most GoPro Mounts
  • Includes Fusion Grip Mount
  • Voice Control in 10 Languages
  • GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Compass
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The GoPro Fusion will be available for preorder today priced at $699.

Karma Firmware Update

GoPro also announced a firmware update for their Karma drone making it compatible with HERO6 Black. The firmware update also adds two new features that Karma users will be glad to see. Follow mode allows the Karma to follow its controller automatically making sure that you are always in the shot. Watch mode, similar to follow mode, also is designed to keep the controller in the frame but instead of following the controller the Karma will remain immobile hovering place, only rotating to maintain framing. GoPro has also extended the cable cam feature to support up to 10 waypoints while expanding the tilt functionality to look above the horizon. The Karma Firmware update is available today.

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I have a go pro but I never use it because the battery dies every 10 minutes.

Hear Hear. I have a Hero 4 black edition in a custom case, with every accessory you could think of. I was really hyped on using it more and more. In all honesty, it's been used exactly once, and that was years ago.

I agree, my 5 Black is pretty much useless and completely unreliable. I went back to using my 3 and the 5 gathers dust so no chance I wasting money on the 6.

I have the now ancient GoPro 2 but I don't think I used it more than once.

I don't understand why they have not worked on their battery technology. These cameras would be fantastic if you could use them longer than it takes to eat a sandwich.

Lets see those low light video performance! Been waiting for a real upgrade for my 2 Hero 4 Black...

I want to buy GoPro, I'm rooting for them - but their customer service is so poor in my experience that I'm going to wait to hear a few reliable reviews before committing to an upgrade.

I have several GoPros but hardly use them. But I use to do lots of 360 work. That also seemed to die out. I have always been interested in pano work but the video quality was really lacking. This is the first 360 video I have been excited about. I pre-ordered the Fusion.

I have the FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam and it's good for vlogging and is less bulky with better battery life and sound. I use a super clamp and mount it on my lightstand during location shoots sometimes for BTS footage.

I was a gopro fan and had every one until the gopro 4, the reality is that if you normally shoot a dslr, the quality is really poor, i judge every camera i use based on my current camera (d810) and the reality is that gopros are design for taking pictures in rough conditions (action sports) or for non profesional work (selfies, trips and stuff like that) a gopro is really a toy. I still use my gopro only to take footage when i surf or ride my motorcycle otherwise its useless, but it sometimes comes handy and fun to use when on vacations!