Innovative and Highly Customisable: Gearing Releases Its First Tripod System for the Adventurous Photographer

Innovative and Highly Customisable: Gearing Releases Its First Tripod System for the Adventurous Photographer

A new and unique tripod system is joining the photography equipment market, featuring patented magnetic technology and many elements that can be customized by the user.

With an established history in the aviation industry, Gearing is a U.K. based company that is using its experience in inventing to move towards innovative products in the photography industry. The highly anticipated product being launched by Gearing is The Gearing Tripod System, which is also endorsed by Leica. This tripod system is aimed at photographers whose work or hobby takes them on outdoor adventures. The focus is on enabling photographers to travel light while still being able to make the most of this customizable tripod system in different shooting conditions without giving up stability or durability.

Featuring patented magnetic technology, this tripod system allows users to connect their camera to the ball head using a magnetic connection. The center column holds a 10-piece screwdriver kit and features a removable ballast hook. The center column can also be detached to use in handheld mode or can be inverted to shoot straight down for close-ups and lay-flat shots. A standard 3/8" thread allows photographers to attach either the Gearing Pro Head or their own third-party tripod head. 

The modular heart unit allows photographers to attach different leg length options, going from full-length down to a tabletop tripod. Furthermore, if you are a true traveler at heart who shoots on-the-go, each of the tripod carbon legs can be also converted into trekking poles by attaching the handles, spikes, and snow baskets, which are included in the tripod kit. This makes it a great accessory for photographers exploring snowy regions by skiing or hiking, reducing the carry load.

The product is currently available as a Gearing Tripod Kit, which includes the tripod itself and a full set of accessories, including the magnetic ball head, trek kit, and more. This kit has a price tag of £1,500 with a USD price tag being released soon. Or, you can opt for just the tripod itself if you prefer to use your own ball head and don't require the full set of additional tools and accessories. The standalone tripod is coming soon on the website, so keep an eye out if this is something you'd be interested in!

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I've long been saying that someone needed to make a tripod that converted into trekking poles. Glad to see the first attempt! Will wait to see what the reviewers say...

Novoflex did that ages ago

Although the concept seems interesting, it seems to be a missed opportunity.

1) My Gitzo 1550T (<1kg and 146cm height including ballhead) + 2 poles is already lighter than this kit.
2) There's a good reason why mountaineering poles are never fully made of "sturdy" carbon fiber. Poles are meant to hold your full body weight while pressing them sidewise!

3) The thickness and weight of those legs cannot be comfortable for longer hiking.

At that price, I can get another tripod, a pair of sturdier poles, be lighter, and still have some spare to buy a new pair of decent boots, a jacket and gloves.

This tripod doesn't present the slightest convincing case to walk away from either of my Gitzos'.

The mounting system looks horribly overcomplicated and inconvenient and the Leica "endorsement" means nothing.

Over price without recognized user experience.
How many kilos the tripod can hold? 10kg camera? Must be more because the legs are also a hiking pole.

With 1.5k GBP, I can get a gitzo tripod, hiking stick, screwdriver, nice bag, and RF50 1.8

Not sure I want strong magnetic fields right next to my camera electronics...