Macintosh Celebrates Its 30 Year With a Beautiful Short Shot Entirely on iPhones

Late last month Mac turned 30. This might not seem like a big deal, but I remember when Apple sucked...and I'm sure many of you do too. I'm not talking about the way a lot of people believe they still do. I mean, like hardcore terrible products and corporate direction. They almost didn't make it, and taking that into consideration I believe they have more than enough reason to celebrate. There aren't many companies with a story like theirs.

To celebrate this, they sent fifteen camera crews all over the world to showcase how their company, and technology, has permeated so much of the planet. The kicker is that they only used iPhones to capture the video. Granted, other equipment was used as well (lighting, steadicams, other apps, etc...) but the video is all done on the 5s.

Love them or hate them, Apple is a company that can't be ignored...and marketing efforts like this are a huge part of why.

Check out their '30-Year" page at for more information about the project.

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You know how you can tell when something is shot by an iPhone? Because whoever shot it will make a point of telling you.

Um, it's the McIntosh that turned 30, not Apple.

Sir, you just don't understand how brilliant Apple users are. They are like you know, so creative.

Thanks for catching that!

Proof that it's all about the eye and the creative mind and not about the medium being used.

Pretty much anything capable of recording in 1080p could have pulled this off with the tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment used. I think I would have been more impressed if film makers were limited to a budget of no more than say $500. Still, pulling it all together in 36 hours is quite a feat.