Mattel Introduces Photojournalist Barbie Doll in Collaboration With National Geographic

Barbie, the iconic line of dolls from toymaker Mattel, has introduced a new version in collaboration with National Geographic: Photojournalist Barbie. The doll, styled as a wildlife photographer, designed for children between the ages of 3 and 7, is meant to "empower girls to be adventurous, spirited, and enthusiastic about exploring the world."

Barbie has been around since 1959 and has gone through countless iterations. Photojournalist Barbie is a part of a partnership with Mattel on several career dolls, including Entomologist Barbie, Polar Marine Biologist Barbie, Wildlife Conservationist Barbie, and Astrophysicist Barbie. Photojournalist Barbie comes dressed in a photo vest with "National Geographic Society" and an outfit befitting of a wildlife photographer. She also comes with a camera and a lion cub to pose. Personally, I love seeing this, as Barbie is an iconic doll with a lot of influence over many children, and opening the world of photography to them could inspire them to explore photography on a deeper level when they grow up by showing them that this is most certainly a career option. You can see a promotional video for the doll in the video above. And if you are interested, you can purchase Photojournalist Barbie, on sale now, here.

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EL PIC's picture

You must be desperate finding articles to steal and repost on FSTOPPERS..

Yes, but does her camera have one card slot or two?

Tom Jensen's picture

There's also the new Divorce Barbie. She comes with all of Ken's accessories.

When do children play with Barbie and when do they know for sure they are Trans... I’m all for choosing your identity once it is clear - but also beware that the surgery and consequences on your body can be pretty drastic and shouldn’t be taken lightly...

steve E's picture

Not sure the blond photographer bumbling around the forest, not seeming to know how her camera works and randomly snapping out of focus shot of nothing in particular does much for the image of female photographers.

Rob Waller's picture

Hahaha. I've just shown this to my 10 year old daughter. She's not impressed – which makes me proud.

Tom Jensen's picture

The vocabulary they gave those two sure doesn't help the cause either.

Fritz Asuro's picture

That is the shortest telephoto lens with a very fast aperture.

It looked like a 16-35mm but performed like a 70-400mm f/1.4

Rob Mitchell's picture

At least the girl has sensible shoes now.

Quick someone throw her a Telephoto Lens or she‘ll be eaten by the lions

Rob Mitchell's picture

Hhmmmm, good reason not to then.

Spray and Pray Barbie

Jeff McCollough's picture

It had better be a transgender bisexual gay male barbie or I won't be able to identify and I will have to boycott my local Walmart.

There were no male toys that made me want to become a photographer. Why this insistence / belief that women don’t get as much support as men to become photographers seems a bit outlandish to me. Plenty of women in art class and given opportunities to work in the dark room with film when I was in school (ironically I wasn’t in the photography class, yet here I am)

Jeff McCollough's picture

Exactly. I never had a Lego Photographer haha.

Next, Barbie's fStopper article: "WHY I SWITCHED TO A TINY SONY"

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

An awesome photography related article. Reminded me once again why I’m on this photography website and inspired me to go out and shoot.