[News] New Photo Tech Removes Unwanted People, In Camera

It's hard to get Lee (see 5:44) to be anything less than southern gentlemanly but I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times I've heard him curse under his breath as some New Yorker casually strolled in front of his lens. So Lee, this one is for you. Scalado has created an aptly named, photo-taking system that allows you to selectively remove people in a photo by isolating those pesky, inconsiderate, moving objects from that of the static background, with a touch. What am I talking about? You can see what I mean in the video below. "Remove" will be available for Android and iOS in the near future but picture being able to perform this action from the screen on the back of your DSLR. Take that New York tourist!

via [TechCrunch] [ScaladoRemove]
From Kenn:
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sorcery... i like it.

★★★ Tam Nguyen ★★★'s picture

Reminds me of that video Lee did about the iPad tethering.

Kenn Tam's picture

lol.  That's exactly what I was thinking of.  I was the one film that and it cracked me up to see Lee actually getting frustrated.

Huh that video looks like its shot in Malmö, close to where I live! Cool.

 Hell yeah, at Stortorget. Close to me too.
Well anyway... :P

is this even possible to do with photoshop and that quickly?  And how will it know what is behind those people if it just takes one shot...probably some marketing gimick and you'll end up with a mucked up finished photo when u dont have a simple background

Probably works well with moving people but not so good with people standing still behind te girl. One tactic for pulling this thing off could be : take 2 or more photo's in burst mode (most cellphone camera's have a good fps) and then it's easy for an algorithm to isolate moving objects.

Geoff Powell's picture


if this is going to work i assume it has to be constantly "aware" of what is in the frame, so that when you click a person it already know what is behind the person, because it has been looking the whole time.
Plus... no WAY is it that fast.  Certainly not on Android, its a miracle the phone didnt catch fire in this video.