[News] Nikon D4 Specs Leaked

Being on the road in Argentina, with nothing but my iPad and nets speeds of 0.36Mbps, makes for some hard posting. But when the admins over at Nikon Rumors announced the specs for Nikon's D4, with 90% certainty, I knew it was worth the effort. Read what they have to say about Nikon's anwser to Canon's 1DX and let us know if it's all you hoped for.

"I was able to collect some specs from several sources for the upcoming Nikon D4 camera. The [NR] rating on those specs is 90% which means this is the real deal with maybe some small details being wrong possibly due to wrong translation."

Nikon D4 specs:
16.2 MP
11 fps
100-102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
Integrated Ethernet in the camera
Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
Improved 51 AF points
AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8

"The Nikon D4 is clearly made to compete with the Canon EOS 1Dx. I will stay conservative on the announcement date, but there is a very good chance that the Nikon D4 will be announced right before or during the PMA show in Las Vegas (January 10-13, 2012).
With the next round of pro DSLR cameras I think Nikon will make a clear separation of the D800 and D4. This is why they will probably announce both cameras around the same time in 2012. The D4 will have low MP count, high fps, high ISO. The D800 will have high MP count, low fps, lower ISO. This is a clear differentiation from the previous D3/D700 offering that shared the same sensor/technology."

via [NikonRumors]

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I don’t need no 30+ mp and I don’t want to pay the price of no damn 10+ fps! Who’s with me?

What I’d like to see is a FX camera under 2000€. Drop megapixels to whatever is reasonable. Drop fps again to whatever is profitable to Nikon on that price tag, but keep the killer ISO performance and shadow detail of the FX line! Make it fit into a little less space than the current D700 and it would so make my day.
16-18mp, 5-6fps would be so nice for me. I don’t really need more.

I really hope that what is announced is the D4 (high fps) and the D4X (high mp count), and that they reconsider the D800.

Anyway, because it’s almost impossible to happen, I think I’ll wait for you guys to sell your D700′s. I’m open to suggestions =)

Oh, and leave the GPS unit, I ain't no National Geographic photographer.


If you're anywhere near the swiss border, there you go, DigiFuchs is a great camera store, the D700 is a superb full frame and it's clearly below €2000 (it's €1748) and best of all, no waiting! ;)

for the rest of us, there's more waiting in store. I'm still glad I didn't decide to wait on the D700 successor instead of buying february 2010.

I totally agree. Honestly, due to the fact that there are no standard zoom lenses with VR that are FF I am not even totally sold on FF at this point. I think my dream camera is actually a D400 but who knows when that will be coming out. I may end up buying a D4 but as a wedding photographer I hate having multiple camera types. I'd much rather have 3 or 4 D400s than 1 D4, and 2 D7000s. The second a D400 or a D800 without crazy MP comes out I will be selling it I'm sure. 

I have no doubt that the D4 is going to be an amazing camera but for what I do, it is overkill in every way. 

It's made to compete with the 1DX, but if the price is a competitive $6800; may God help us all....

Stephen Archer's picture

Lovin the D700 right about now.  As with most things, paying 5x more does not make me 5x happier.  ditto for 5x fps and 5x mp.  

I'm not seeing that much of an improvement over the D3s.  4 more mp, 1080 vs 720, slightly better iso......it had better be priced the same as the current D3s.  I love Nikon, but if this is true then once again they lag behind Canon specs.  Make it 20mp and I would be thrilled.  I love detail, large prints, and versatility. (No I can't afford both a D3s and a D3x)

Patrick Hall's picture

slightly better ISO?  It's hard for me to believe these specs are true when it appears it has 3 native stops more ISO than the D3s!  That's pretty crazy

I just picked up the D700(love it to bits), nikon's new offerings are way above me. Rather shoot video with my Iphone4 and the next step to move up to a Medium format.

Adam's picture

ISO performance sounds AWESOME! Not much more to go before anyone can really say, what more could you need (not want...we all want...well...what we can't have).

MP is fine, agreed that there doesn't need to be more. Besides, at some point, to fit any more pixels on, the size of each pixel has to get so much smaller....which means inferior ISO performance. Wouldn't argue that 20MP would have been nice, but 16 will do the job...not that much of a difference.

If it's above 6000, I'll hate Nikon. Would I switch? No way. But still. Should be around or under 5000. Then we'll be good.

The new CF format is nice... But dear God, please let there be a faster connection than that crappy USB. Yes, I use a reader, as should everyone. But when you leave the reader at home or tether....it should just be faster...

Improved AF always a plus... 8+ fps enough for me. So I guess 11 is fine...but please stop there if it's gonna cost more... What on earth is Canon doing with 14fps jpg? Hope they'll stop, too. Are we doing slow video here? We're getting to the point where picture-taking will just be taking a sh*tload of stills at a video rate... I know we're kinda already there...but there's been some practical use of 8+ fps for sports... For anything else or anything more and that's just crazy.

Only Nikon has the luxury  to give maximum video quality  at affordable price.
Sony, Canon, Panasonic etc have their high end video cameras at premium prices to get that quality. Uncompressed 10 bit video out to an external recorder would send a major shock waves among the other Video camera makers.

Would be even nicer if it is 4k : ))

O' this made my day! true or not...

Wayne Leone's picture

Face recognition? I already know what faces look like and I won't always shoot them! Pure gimmick feature.
Dear Santa, please send
- High ISO (204,800 minimum)
- 12 - 16MP and no more please
- radio CLS (oh and while you're there, make the next SB's with an omni directional sensor)
- No video support (well, leave it there I support but don't sweat the elves with it anymore)
- Weigh less then a brick
- Quiet shutter (personally I love the sound but most priests don't)

I'll leave it at that for now..

I may have to disagree with you about the face recognition. I've actually been wishing for this feature for years now. 

As a wedding photographer I am always shooting people and sometimes I have to shoot so fast that I don't have time to shoot single point focus. Sometimes I am forced to use distance priority and someones arm or leg may be closer than their face to my camera so I get a sharp foot and a blurry face. If I could set my camera to only focus on faces only that would be incredible. 

Also, if the camera can recognize a face then it is very close to being able to meter off of a face. Now, it doesn't matter if I am shooting the bride wearing white or the groom wearing black, it is metering off of the whites of the eyes let's say, so the exposure is perfect every time. 

Wayne Leone's picture

I hear ya but I'm not convinced it would work well. What if you want to focus on one face in a group? It just get the feeling it would be awkward, especially as you say, you're shooting fast. That said, if it comes with the camera and I don't like/can't use it, I'm sure it can be switched off.

Hmm interesting point especially with primes at ridiculous apertures.  You think that feature would be smart enough at the likes of F1.2?

Tbh looks like an under ambitious wish list to me....I believe it when Nikon make the press release. Face recognition on a tool aimed at the Professional market? Do you know any Professional that would appeal to?

Lee, seems to be appealed to it, and i see his arguement.

As a sports shooter 11 fps is awesome! Being I don't shoot much bigger than a magazine page I don't need crazy mps. The iso range is great in fading light or indoors. I use a dedicated video camera for what video clips I do shoot. Hopefully Nikon keeps the price reasonable though.  I need a new body. My 300s is great but I need more FPS!!!! I'm not a fan of changing the memory card though. I have a huge supply of compact flash cards and don't want to have to buy more.

This war C vs. N will never end !