[News] Nikon's D4 Release Date to be Delayed

Nikon Rumors is reporting a delay in the shipping of Nikon's D4 and are citing firmware issues as the cause. So if you've been eagerly awaiting your February 16th pre-order, sucks to be you. But hey, what's an extra month's wait for one of the best cameras ever? The delay seems to be global, so don't expect yours to ship until March 15th. That just means more time to save your pennies. Pre-order yours now.
via [NikonRumors]
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No, this just bugs me. Yes, I'm impatient, I'll admit. But if it really is just a firmware issue, why can't they just add a slip to every package telling users to update firmware through an online update first. It's not that hard...

Kenn Tam's picture

Lol.  Sounds like you pre-ordered.  That's shitty man.  I hate waiting for purchases.


that would be rather unprofessional imo

to send an unfinished/glitchy product worldwide would be a terrible move

patience young grasshopper 

Because too many people would complain, whine on forums, and sooner than 1 snap of the fingers Nikon has a bad reputation among nerds for horrible bad firmware. 

TBH, if this was 1d MKIII all over again.... it's much better that they hold it back.  FWIW.

Ugh I am not happy to hear this but good things are worth waiting for.

Julio's picture

mother fudging damn fudging mother trucker!!!!

Can't say I'm surprised - when NPS took the D4 to Scott Kelby's studio, they said live on air that nobody would see these on shelves for at least six months. I know pre-orders are a different matter, but it seemd to me they were already expecting problems.

That was in relation to the number of back orders and general availability, nothing to do with any issues.....

this is SOOO Nikon hahahaha thats why we stay with Canon my friends

Geeez.  People still argue Canon vs Nikon?

A tad disappointed because I'm working to a schedule where I was hoping to have this by end of March, and am upgrading significantly from current D300, but I'd rather wait and get it right. I have to think that a firmware update that is delaying shipment must be relatively significant.

@RLMorrisPhoto:disqus Remember what I was saying on Facebook about Olympics and this camera? Its nice Nikon found this problem but it does start freaking people out especially when alot of money and their career gets hindered.

i'm one of those "sucks to be you" people. ordered mine, and some new glass, on jan 21.