NFL Photographer Knocked Down by Player Who Later Messages Her to Check She's OK

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is being heaped with praise by fans online over the way he handled accidentally knocking a photographer to the ground. In a clip from the game, he is seen helping her up, and later private messaged her through her social pages to check she was OK.

NFL photographer Shelley Lipton was standing on the sidelines during the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, when Jackson was pushed by another player, and fell right into Lipton’s path. Despite other players backing away, he lifted Lipton back to her feet.

In the following press conference, Jackson said:

They’re human beings too. I know we’re moving fast. It gets physical out there on the field. We’re coming full speed and she’s sitting down taking pictures. I know that kind of hurt her. So I had to make sure she was alright.

Lipton went on to post the shot she managed to capture right before she was taken down. She captioned it with the players details and added, “… before [Jackson] plow[ed] into me then pick[ed] me up like a tissue.”

She later tweeted:

Lamar was a true gentleman and made a bad situation much better. Makes mamas proud.

Watch the viral clip above. You can see more of Lipton's work at her website and Instagram page.

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A few months ago some loser kept arguing that women aren’t tough and strong enough to handle full frame camera gear. I wish this clip were around then.

Tough lady. Good man. Nice story. Great picture.

The moral of this story... She got the shot, always get the shot. Even if you die it won't be completely in vain :)

Glad she's OK. Great shot, too!