Olympus Releases Air A01 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Camera in July

Olympus Releases Air A01 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Camera in July
In recent news, Olympus announces the Air A01 mirrorless micro four thirds lens-style digital camera. This camera is designed to clip to your smartphone or stand alone and be controlled through an app via bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The body is designed to bring a larger sensor and the versatility of an interchangeable lens system to mobile photography. The air A01 boast some impressive stats with an 
16.05 MP Digital Live MOS Sensor as well as,
  • TruePic VII Image Processor, 
  • Micro Four Thirds System
  • Electronic Shutter up to 1/16000 sec
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
  • OA Central App for iOS & Android
  • Built-In Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • FAST AF System and 10 fps Shooting
  • Accepts microSD Cards; Built-In Battery


Because the air A01 is part of the Micro Four Thirds System, the camera is fully compatible with all lenses designed for MFT and can accept adapters to further your options. The camera is also capable of capturing images with sensitivity to ISO 12800 as well as shooting up to 10FPS and full HD 1080p/30 video. The air A01 also offers the FAST AF system which ha 81 contrast-detection areas for a smooth, quick and accurate autofocus.  The camera also features a built in Lithium-ion batter as well as a memory card slot that accepts microSD. 

The Olympus OA Central App

To fully control the Air A01 and all of its features, you can download the app of iOS and Android devices. The app includes instructions for set up, shooting and playback operations, direct to Cloud upload, 14 filters and 9 effects as well as Color Creator which allows for control over color, saturation, and brightness. The app also features Photostory, which allows users to combine multiple viewpoints to one scene with 4 different options, Clips, a way to link together multiple short movies giving the users the option to add effects as well as music to a single movie. And Genius which applies optimal framing, color, brightness, effect and combination and automatically creates 6 different versions of the photo. 
For more information on the Air A01 visit B&H. While, Im not sure that I would use the A01 for my main camera during a shoot, it certainly sounds like it will be fun to use and will be a great option for those looking to step up their mobile photography game. We will see how it stacks up in the real world once the camera is released in the US. 
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Jason Dream's picture

In my opinion, we miss the most important point here, right ? We can finally match any screen we want with that ! Tablet, Smartphone or any computer with wifi?

That would be perfect, So often disappointed by a missed focus picture, I've didn't see right in time because of my little screen. Besides that. I'm really guessing about the future of photography for event like music festival (concert) and wedding. the gear will be lightful and full of possibilites. But there probably not only pro, maybe some con. Hope to see quickly what that little beast is really able to do.

Mean, how about the "Save of the Data" look like to have and HDMI adapter. Lot of possibilities but maybe it's just a unicorn...

Thanks for the article ! (sorry for the bad English) and if the first customers prove the good of it, will probably take it... Lighter than a GH4 for travel :D