[Pics] Child Portraits Inspired by Funeral Photography

[Pics] Child Portraits Inspired by Funeral Photography

At the age of 13, Moscow born photographer Oleg Dou was already playing with Photoshop but it wasn't until 2005 that he bought his first professional camera. Looking at his work, it's not hard to see how learning in this order greatly influenced his style.

Oleg also tells us that he was greatly inspired by child funeral portraits of centuries past and by an unhappy memory of his childhood, when, he was forced to wear a white rabbit costume that his mother made, at a party. Horrified Oleg bursted into tears at having to smile for the camera.

"I couldn’t pretend being happy in front of the camera, I hated being photographed. The image finally reflected my discomfort and my vexation. It’s still often the case today. I try to recreate the expression of this embarrassment in my portraits, but this time, I provoke it. For the "Cubs" series, all the costumes were tailored by my mother, based on my sketches. "
-Oleg Dou-

"Cubs" series

more by Oleg: "Toystory" series

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Drew Morris's picture


A great reflection on what the photography of children can become in some studios. Excellent study.

Great but VERY disturbing !!!

Maybe not the best thing for just before bedtime....

Whoah! these are great! I am at a loss for words...mysteriously attractive...some to the point of being repulsive and yet I keep coming back to the top and going over them...the innocent children with a sadness, madness, ..or are they just being "used" ...like puppets? They bring many conflicting thoughts to mind!

Holy Crap! This guy is amazing.

Where does the line go between photography and digital illustrations? When is it crossed and when is it maintained?..

The line between genius and madness is often blurred in the case of exceptional people. This is powerful and thought provoking work. Fine unnerving art. I love it.

love them... truly art

just not sure how much of this is "photography" tho its more surrealistic digital art.. we need to stop categorizing everything as "photography" cuz its simply not.. #needmorehashtags

not to my taste but heck, original, clever and interesting !!

Though these images are beautiful in a twisted kinda way, at what point does it stop being photography and start becoming digital art?

I really love Oleg's work. It's absolutely amazing... to me. too bad I can't afford one of his prints lol