[Pics] Combining Portrait and Landscape for Surreal Results

Using images discovered on Tumblr, New York based artist Matt Wisniewski, created digital collages combining both portrait and landscape.

Check out these compelling shots and leave your comments.

via [Collosal] [MyModernMet] [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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interesting..... I like them!

definitely a million times better than moustair (or whatever that was called)!!

where's the Wednesday Rundown? hope to catch it before bed in a few hours....

bryan rapoza's picture

Great original images and concept. Thanks for sharing.

Wow now THIS is what I call art. 

Gary Simmons's picture

Interesting, but I'm not a fan.  To each, their own.. right?

I love these so much. 


That is simply beautiful and ingenious. 

wow! some of these are incredible

briand liong's picture


Interesting concept, however I can't get passed the old no smoking ads of "If what happened to your lungs happened on the outside" from the 90's on some of these pictures.  I feel like the picture is either taking away from the model or taking away from the landscape.  A beautiful landscape in the reflection of a eye is one thing, these don't work for me personally.

did he took all the photos or just used without copyright the landscapes on his portraits? Or how was the thing ?