[Pics] Odd Photos of Men Wearing Mustaches in Place of Their Hair

I know I'm always pushing for photographers to be creative but maybe this is going too far. Still these photos of men wearing their own mustaches in place of their hair has the same effect as a freak show carni at the grocery store, or a car crash... you can't help but stare.
"Where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair meets MOUSTAIR."

via [Moustair] [LaughingSquid]
From Kenn:
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Now THIS is art

Jaron Schneider's picture

This is so disturbing.

i'll avoid putting into words what i think of this. in case the guy that produced this is reading.

You can say whatever you want as long as it isn't about fanny packs. 

Jaron Schneider's picture


i kind of wonder what EXACTLY the motivation behind this is.... i really hope this is just some hackjob that decided to explore photoshop while taking a break from World of Warcraft.

This is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen.  Ever.

This has got to be the dumbest post I have ever seen! 

* Shudder * .....so disturbing, but ...can't ... stop .... looking! Ngaaaah!

LOL. That was great!

these pictures will haunt me in my sleep for the rest of my life...or until i grow a big moustache myself and become a real man

Shannon Wimberly's picture

this is definitely wrong..... ;)

Garrett Graham's picture

Yeah I think whoever came up with this was on LSD...made me laugh though!

Stuart's picture


Andreas Hørby Clausen's picture

Just made an addition to your collection:)

 I'm not sure which is weirder, the shots themselves, or the fact that some of them actually look better with the tache as hair than they do with their actual hair...