A Spiffy New Camera Body Cap for Canon EF Mounts

Like many of you I have trouble shopping for what I need and then stopping. But it does take more then a bit of flash to get me to shell out my hard earned cash. Enter LockCircle a new body cap being made for Canon EF mount bodies and soon after Nikon F mount bodies. Are these eye catching caps functional or frivolous? You decide by leaving your comments below.

These caps are geared towards professional photographers who take their cameras into extreme environments where the cheaper plastic body cap may not be up for the harsher conditions. Made from solid aluminum they're designed to seal your camera from the elements and to provide a manageable grip even if you’re wearing thick gloves. The first batch is due to be released August 1st for Canon's in silver, titanium, and black.

Now I'm all for good build quality but for 99 bucks, wouldn't it be nice if these caps actually did what their name suggests and locked? It would prevent thieves from using/selling stolen bodies and they wouldn't even have to change the product's name.

Check out the LockCircle site here and don't forget to leave your comments and opinions below.

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Roberto Sacasa's picture

Nice cap, i agree... but really $99 for a cap that sees more action on your camera bag than on the outside... I don't know sounds like you could spend that kind of money on something else, maybe something a bit more useful

$99 bucks!  Whoa baby!  Nope, not gonna have them on my cameras!

That's insane!!!!...but look kinda nice....

Your locking idea is great. Patent that!

Will it stay on any better than the plastic ones? I can never figure out how, but sometimes, I open a bag the body cap has undone itself and falls out when I grab the camera... and its pretty tight in the roller bag....

at $99 - No thanks... I'll deal with it...

It will be a reverse thread in the second wheel would say that will help it "lock" so the inside will fit the camera and then the first wheel will screw down to hold it firm. The second wheel (front) will screw down in reverse and "lock" the cap in place.
Do I think it's over kill, yes but I bet they sell a few!

Never had a problem with my Canon cap. My Nikon D70 cap however did not secure that well so there might be a market for a better cap but not for $99,-. That's way too much imo. $30,- is more reasonable
Other then the cap coming off I don't really see what's wrong with a standard cap. Those things are tough as hell.

Make it a real lock with a comnination key, and I'll grab a few.. When it gets stolen, the theif won't be able to use the camera.

But just a fancy expensive cover? Nope, I'll survive without it..

Joe S Park's picture

Creative, but so unnecessary

These remind of the the old fashioned telephones welded to a car's petrol cap...

Companies waste so much money on things photographers don't even ask for. Now, if Canon, Nikon or some third party company, made a couple of leaf shutter lenses, (automatic focusing or manual) for our DSLR's, now that's more I like it.

Stefanos L's picture

Even with a lower price, it has a big disadvantage for me. It's HUGE.

Looks cool. Makes me want to dial an old rotary phone or load a gun.
A little pricey.  I'm not usually wearing gloves when I change my lenses.  I wish Lock Circle luck, I have a feeling they will have more products in their line.
Regarding a "real" lock on the cap:
Someone is going to steal your camera whether it has a fancy cap that even locks or with no cap at all.  It's not like they are going to swipe it and decide to put it back because the cap is locked on.

Now a solid gold cap, that would be cool...

I'm currently working on a camera strap that has the underside lined with Russian Barguzin sable.

Fabian Pourmand's picture

DANG!!! I must agree with most people here $99 for a cap that costs about .23 cents to make, thats just ridicules but hey its cool and it does remind me of the Old Telephones lol

How about a cap device of some sort that's going to help me change lens in a dusty, sandy environment without getting one spec of sand into my camera body? I'd pay good money for that. 

I've found that applying a bit of araldite around the body cap helps to prevent it coming off. I also file grooves into that metal ring on the camera face to give the araldite better bite... ;-P

Heck, that's almost as expensive as a Canon lens hood! :p

WHAT? 99 bucks? It's a bargain!
Please send me 20 in different colors for all my Hassels ... owww ... you just have for small ones ... sorry to hear that. 

I have a great body cap. It's called a lens :D 

Maybe you could put it next to your Pet Rock. A real conversation piece.

Paul Houston's picture

This is like putting jet fuel in a V8.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

this is how to make a pipe bomb out of a DSLR

Shinny nice aluminum always looks nice, but $99 is a bit much..

This is just for chumps with too much money.

Not to change the subject slightly, but check this double ended lens cap. 

Not to change the subject slightly, but check this DOUBLE ENDED LENS CAP.

Sorry for the double post.
The double ended lens cap allows lens changing without a 3rd hand for handeling lens caps.

wont buy for $99... i can weather proof the plastic ones.... just needs a good seal...

It's jewelry isn't it! They should do one with diamonds in the holes.