Testing out Nikon's New Autofocus With the 3.0 Firmware Update

The new firmware 3.0 update for the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 has officially been released, and it seems the autofocus has undergone a huge upgrade. Here, one photographer reviews the enhanced AF tracking and the new subject-tracking.

William Hall, of Boston-based The Monochrome Memoirs and Perla Images, used the Z 6, and uploaded the video review to his YouTube channel. One of the big selling points of the firmware update has been the Animal Eye autofocus, although luckily for those who shoot other subjects such as weddings or still life, the autofocus is improved as a whole.

Hall says the hit rate and overall usability is greater, comparing it to 3D Tracking option on Nikon DSLRs. He reports:

Nikon has given us a huge update here that I’m very, very happy with. The hit rate on AF-C is much, much better. It’s not just the fact that the face tracking actually sticks to the face and eye better—which it does—but the actual hit rate… there are way more [photos] in focus.

See Hall’s video above, which shows the new autofocus feature in motion via direct viewfinder footage (start the video around 4.50). And if you have a Z 6 or Z 7, be sure to update your firmware and enjoy!

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Alex Yakimov's picture

Good update, no doubts about it.

Eistein Guldseth's picture

Very informative video. As a Z owner, I fully agree that this firmware update is a game changer. Thanks!

Lawrence Huber's picture

The hit rate is more important than the little focus point bouncing around.
Sony focus points bounce around really well but lack in the hit rate.

britt guerlain's picture

I just shot my first “event” (a fast moving 9 year old girl’s birthday party) and I must say the update is fantastic. The AF has always frustrated me by getting “close” but never quite there. But it was able to catch 10 girls running around amazingly well.