Two Free Books on Street Photography

Two Free Books on Street Photography

Photographer Thomas Leuthard just published a second free book about street photography called "Collecting Souls… What Street Photography means to me". That and "Going Candid... An unorthodox approach to Street Photography" can be downloaded as PDF documents by clicking on their covers below. Truth is I haven't looked at these books yet... I need you guys to check them out and tell me if they're worth the time to read or not. :P
"Collecting Souls..."
My second eBook about Street Photography.
While the first book was about the basics,
this book is more advanced and contains a
lot of personal thoughts and ideas. I tried
to explain what Street Photography means
to me and how I see it. It contains more
than 30 short chapters about the different
areas and topics of street photography. It
should help beginners to understand the
process of making story telling photos and
to improve your personal style as a street
photographer. Together with the first book
it will be a good reference for anyone who
wants to become a street photographer.

"Going Candid..."
A book about street photography in the
digital age. Forget what you know about
street photography and read how Thomas
Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with
his camera. Find useful tips and tricks on
how to approach people, getting closer to
them and get the best out of you street
experience. His workflow starts without a
camera and ends in the galeries of this
World. It's not about the Decisive Moment
or how you setup your camera. It's more
about the approach of getting a success-
ful street photographer who will build a
successful community around the World.
It's all about sharing and socializing. You
will be taken to a journey through the big
cities of this World looking into the eyes
of strangers. Candid is the key word and
you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned
for an exclusive book which will change
your life as a street photographer...

via [Leica Rumors]
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I read the eBook title Going Candid. I follow some of his tips, including being so close to the subject and then shoot from the hips. I recommended this eBook to anyone who just starting their street photography journey. I do not agree with the author. Our pictures should be watermarked. It is our intellectual property anyway.

the Collecting Soul ebook download link is totally broken. Please fix it. The browser said "no file" when we try to download it.

Martin Agius's picture

Cannot download the books

I´d like download these free e-book. What can I do ?