Videographer Admits He’s in Over His Head as Brides Demand Refunds for Shakey Footage They Compare to Blair Witch Project

A number of women have contacted local news channels after the footage their wedding videographer delivered was shaky and out of focus, even comparing it to something out of the Blair Witch Project. After being ambushed by the news channel’s film crew, the young videographer admitted he is still in school and is in over his head as he issues refunds.

Numerous brides have come forward claiming to have paid Melbourne-based Simplicity Films $1,900 (approximately $1300 US) for a “cinematic video wedding package.” After being enticed by the professional standard of work seen on the website, both brides were looking forward to the 45-minute features they were promised.

However, what they received was in stark contrast. Ashley, a YouTuber and the owner of Simplicity Films, turned out to be a Year 12 student who had lied about his age and exaggerated his experience in the industry. The footage of their big days was shaky, and often cut off the subject’s head. One bride, Teagan, said:

The footage of me walking down the isle is just disgusting. He's cut off my head, my dad's head, and most of it is of my bum. It's horrible.

She also claims the only received a five-minute video – three-and-a-half minutes of which are her husband’s speech, which she says cuts off in a “really awkward spot.”

He also promised them the raw footage – which they’re still waiting for seven months later, as it’s said Ashley cut off all contact.

When interrogated by news reporters, Ashley agreed he should close down his wedding video business.

Check out the video above to see the clips for yourself.

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Isn't that price-point a red flag?

If it sounds too good to be true...

But I thought photography was easy and anyone could just push a button...

Making something good is super easy. Doing it consistently is not. Featuring those few keepers as a representation of the type of work the artist puts out is what this kid must have done. It's good marketing but when usual product is as bad as his is, people start to catch on.

True... BUT I am kind of impressed this year 12 student was able to get $1900 out of someone.

Someone? Some PEOPLE!

Indeed, this is impressive. Hopefully, someone will mentor this young man and teach him to apply his business acumen legitimately. He clearly knows how to make money, he just needs to learn how to do it the right way.

He's in the wrong profession, he will do good in marketing!
In fact, I should look to hiring him....

It has become pretty darned common for people to start taking money for work as critical as wedding photography and yet not know the basic functions of the equipment (literally, such as asking in a Facebook group, "I'm shooting a wedding right now using flash for the first time. How do you turn on XXX trigger?").

And if someone responds with due admonition, he's called "harsh."

So clients learn the hard way that "caveat emptor" always applies.

Did these couples ask for references, verify that the footage he posted was actually his own? I hope that you get a refund but they need to accept their part in this. The internet is great for doing research.

Just hold on, in some years time it will become trendy (again).

How can you be this consistently horrible with a camera? How do you even start out that bad?...and then maintain that horribleness consistently? How do you not get even a little bit better?

lol great questions. Unfortunately, don't we all know people like this? I have an ex friend that never got better with her photography work. She simply would buy new equipment, but keep doing the same things. I did buy new equipment, but for a purpose to improve. I improved with every photograph I took. And still continue to strive for betterment, knowing I will never be satisfied. She believes still she is an expert. I will never be the expert.

Dis this kid actually shoot the samples on his webpage? The difference between the samples and the new videos is drastic.

I used to shoot wedding videos. It is a TON of work to do it the right way, and I probably should have charged more for my one-man, two-camera operation.

Attend the rehearsal to block scenes, find AC outlets, check for audio interference, and ask the minister about the "house rules" regarding where I can and cannot go. Confer with the A/V operators, DJ, and photographer. Getting a good working relationship with the DJ is critical, and can lead to referrals in both directions. Friday evenings were filled with this research.

Saturday was an all-day affair, arriving before the dressing of the bridal party, and leaving when the married couple leaves the reception. Every once in a while, I could convince the happy couple to stage a faux-departure for me so I could leave earlier.

Then the next few days was spent in the editing suite.

I don't miss it.

I feel for the brides but that kid has a bright future in business. His confidence when the ambulance chaser TV show host corners him is great!

I think the news cycle is slow in Australia because they really put a lot into this story.. they even had expert witness.

I have seen clips from this show before, and I always laugh at their "expert" who agrees to go on such a trashy programme. First thing that comes to mind is "where's your self respect?"

45 minutes for $1300?????

Wonder what camera he did use. I'm not interested in video but am not able to get such bad results out of my camera.
And why so much drama? So your movie of your wedding is worthless. Sure it's a pity but not a personal drama that effects lives like they state in the news report. You still have photo's and your own memory of that special day.

He must have dropped the camera and broke the stabilizer in order to get such poor video. He should be punished by being forced to work 1000 hours in a real production house learning how to do it right. Society will benefit and so would he.

Hem, hem. That punishment seems tasty. Can I have that too? That means free tutorials, right?

Seriously, he looks more like a stereotypical lazy crack dealer on welfare in the US. Problem with stereotypes is that they’re usually true.

What confuses me me is how someone can be SO BAD that they don't know to NOT USE THE SHAKEY CLIPS.
I can understand how it can be hard to capture the video, but not how he couldn't be bothered trying to edit around his mistakes.

I have never shot video but isn’t it common knowledge to use Image Stabilization whether in body or lens along with a gimbal?

He’s 17 so I’m assuming he’s still learning how to do that.

If I were him I would have rented a DJI Ronin to shoot that :) And besides, I don't shoot video.

$1,900 for a 45-minute wedding video?! Huge red flag.

I'm not into videography. Is that too expensive, I guess?

It's seriously cheap. Unless it's just a basic single camera locked off shot of the wedding. But editing a 45 min video takes sooooo much time.

Damn this kid is an idiot. This is what you get when some wannabe YouTube loser thinks they're a talented internet celebrity just because they can set a stationary camera on their desk and film themselves. Even someone with 4 years of video experience should be able to use a camera more effectively than that moron. He doesn't even need to bother improving his skills, because he has no business even charging anyone for that junk anyway. It would be lovely if the couple's could sue him to get the full refunds they deserve.