$500,000 In Leica Lenses Stolen From A Los Angeles Film Set

$500,000 In Leica Lenses Stolen From A Los Angeles Film Set

The LAPD and the FBI are currently on the case of half a million dollars worth of stolen Leica Summilux-C (cine) lenses. This occurred on Sunday, December 1st, when a shoot was being held by Doug Emmet in Los Angeles. It's being reported by CPT Rental Inc. and with any luck we can only hope that they will be recovered as news spreads. 

So be very cautious if you do happen to come across any great deals for these lenses. In particular, here are the ones in question along with their serial numbers.

18mm CW-0001347

21mm CW-0001538

25mm CW-0001552

35mm CW-0001657

40mm CW-0001645

50mm CW-0001435

75mm CW-0001487

100mm CW-0001506


Accordingly, here is a flyer put out by the company with contact information as well:



[Via Petapixel]

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As someone who has shot with Fujinon HD cine lenses, they are absolutely worth up over 100k given the tech that goes into them, the build quality, and the number they will end up selling.

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I bet it was a crime of opportunity. I'm sure the thief stole them with the intention of selling or pawning them and once he realizes they're too rare to sell he'll just ditch them.

I have mine registered at Lenstag.com . I know, but it is better than nothing and free. To much of this goes on. https://www.lenstag.com/

500,000 dollars lenses and they don't come with GPS or tracking device?!

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Omg. It's like a Pink Panther scenario. Call inspector Clouseau :)

off topic but.... isn't 500K a big enough number? what's with the .00?

Weird, no one is calling Los Angles the "is the scum around the drain of the bathtub of America." because of stolen equipment. I guess those comments are reserved for Detroit.

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Weird...that set of lenses sells for just under $200,000...

This will give anyone a laugh: