Canon's Mixed Reality Project Shows What The Future Of Design And Production Looks Like

Canon's Mixed Reality (MR) Project may shape the future in many areas, from the conception of an idea to design and all the way to production. It helps to generate a virtual interactive product even before production begins. This video illustrates how fusing the world between the real world and virtual world may be advantageous in many ways . How do you think it will impact photography? Check out the full post for more details.  

How it works:

The controller sees visual markers through dual on-board cameras and projects virtual objects onto two corresponding displays set right above the eyes, marrying the virtual world to the desert of the real. You can gaze from any angle and even manipulate the virtual projects with what looks to be a plastic, magic ice cream cone. (engadget).

You can also check out Canon's PR release here, translated from Japanese to English: PR Release

With applications in photography, this will surely help with the production of newer cameras. In specific, how do you think this will directly impact the future of photography?

[Via Endgadget]

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