Charleston Family Portraits and Photography:

Charleston Family Photography is a company based here in Charleston South Carolina that specializes in beach photography, family portraits, child photography, and group photos. What is so great about them is they use the natural environment as their studio so whether they are shooting family portraits at folly beach, isle of palms (IOP), Sullivan's island, or Kiawah Island, their photography really captures both the beauty of the sand and water as well as your family in their natural happy state. Most families will still want a few more traditional portraits with the entire group lined up but with Charleston Family Photography, you can get both the candid images as well as the traditional portraits all in one short session. The photographers are quick, easy to work with, creative, and most of all reliable in getting images you will remember forever!

I know what my own childhood photos look like when I was a toddler or infant and it kind of bums me out my parents never thought to capture my sister and I in a more natural environment (of course photography was not anywhere near what it is today). I know we usually do not showcase a lot of Family portrait photographers on but these guys are really awesome and they are local here too!

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Patrick Hall is the cofounder of and a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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