NYC Photographers Meetup Tonight, Friday Oct 29th


Last night I thought I was getting together with a few photographers that I know in NYC to play a friendly game of poker. We sent a few texts out and about 20 photographers showed up including a few big names like Zack Arias and Peter Hurley.

Tonight, Friday October 29th at 8:00pm we are meeting at Swift Hibernian Lounge at 34 East 4th Street. If you are considering not coming because you don't know anyone or that you won't fit in; don't worry, this group of core photographers are some of the most welcoming people I've met in NYC. I will personally introduce you to every single person there. If you have questions or any trouble getting there you can contact me, Lee Morris, directly at 843.697.4282. You never know who might show up :)

Update: Peter Hurley claims he will come dressed in a full suit of armor and I am heading to the Expo to invite more.

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Please do something like this in Atlanta, Ga

Andrew Williams's picture

damm it I have to work ... Stupid job. But the last one was really fun though.


Atlanta? Don't stop there. Denver is a fun place too :P

Michael F's picture

I'd come, but its a bit far... maybe when I'm visiting next year ;)

Wow such a great experience, wish I was there... Come to Vancouver Canada, way more fun!!!

There are times when I wish I would have left my hometown to expand my career more......after reading this...this is one of those.

Thanks to everyone for showing up. We had a great crowd last night.