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Johan - Editor in Chief

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Awesome Portrait!

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very nice, love the light and dof

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Yesss...love that smirk, and of course all the kick ass lighting :-)

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Haha thanks dude!! =)
This us one of my absolute favorites! =)

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You're lighting and post work really gives this shot depth. A winner shot for sure!

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Beautiful lighting! He's a handsome guy, reminds me of a Hugo Boss ad. Thank you!

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wonderful light well done dude.

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Been following your work on 500px. Impressive work!

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Great lighting!

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This has to be in the top 3-5 male portraits that I have seen...ever. Whatever you did...you nailed it. Excellent work!

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Thank you so much! =)
I really appreciate that! =)

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So nice!

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This shot is awesome man! Great lighting and I love the person in the background and the background!!! killer shot, great job!!!!!!!

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Thx so much dude!! i really appreciate that! =)

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He is incrustated in post in the background? How do you get that deep of field?