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You and Emilie Tournevache have my favorite old professor dude headshots.

yeah he's got a great one!

Looooove it !

Thank You!

Dude this is awesome! All your headshots are awesome :)

thanks so much man!

This is just fantastic, you captured a lot of character in this headshot. Well done

thank you Rob!

Perfect character shot!

Thank you Joe! Yeah he was a fantastic client to work with, funny initially I thought he was going to be a challenge and then it quickly became one of the easiest shoots I've done ;-)


Thanks dude! He was a blast to shoot!

Got back to this one again!! Damn, i need to shoot more old men! =) haha

your truly an artist' you master your craft and it's awesome., great work above expectations for sure you client are always happy for the result of your work., keep shooting are sharing and inspired other photographer with your work' i give 5 star for this

Thank you so much Ryan! Very kind of you to say

This is SO nice! :D

ur gallery is awesome Dylan

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