Canon 5D mark III & Canon EF 100 f2.8 Macro

Model - Emilija

Post: Lr + PS

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Canon 5D Mark III
100mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Jacek Kulig's picture

... perfect:)

Tia Jones's picture

I love it <3

Jason Guy's picture

Clean portrait. Nice Job!

Anonymous's picture


Danny Lai's picture

I love this

Karthik Thorali's picture


Alexander Slanger's picture

Beautiful light.

red cat's picture

amazing !!!!

Kevin Arburn's picture

The F-Stoppers site threw up an assortment of portraits. I was drawn to this one. There is just something intangibly wonderful about the overall feel of this portrait. It's not just the lighting, which is superb, but it's just...everything.

juergen buettner's picture

just perfect

Michel HOWARD-MAURICE's picture

In Love. Wonderful and smooth

Francis Mtey's picture

wow, incredible

Guy Incognito's picture

Her left eye looks wonky. Like it is mid-blink... or she just had a stroke.

It's a good shot, but it is hard to believe no one has pointed that out.

Jean-Marc Froehlinger's picture

Hi, love it but would be great to see the same with a less agressive post treatment. Something more human, less plastic doll.