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Colours in the desert

As with most vast and dry places, Turkana has a haunting beauty to it. The sand is tinged with yellow highlights, while the sky has an even light blue with fluffy swabs of cotton-white clouds and a horizon that doesn't end.
The terrain looks easy, but its a common place to get your car stuck in the volumes of sand that are left behind when rivers dry. It is one of Kenya's driest places.

With “life" so far away, the culture and fashion within Turkana is bold and spirited. There, Mohawks are not a sign of elite gusty fashion, but just one of the ways to display their beauty. With such richness, the character assembled in the facial expression of a Turkana female can easily light up the cover of Vogue Magazine. These women love to adorn themselves with a lot of necklaces, whose beads can be made from glass, seeds, cowrie shells or copper from old electric wires. They rarely remove their necklaces, except if they're ill or morning a relative. They even sleep with them.

100mm · f/2.8 · 1/200s · ISO 320
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