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First... I'm partial to "gingers" and your model has a stunning face and your photo technique and posing top notch.

However, may I ask if you were working with a stylist/MUA? If so... be sure they're also working for their fee throughout the shoot. The unflattering clumpy hair on top and eyebrow gap are unfortunate. If not... even though it's creepy I know... keep an eye on those details and get the model to touch up or fix the "problems" once in awhile.

This was a great shot in the making, and I can only imagine the shooting contains more "good shots" that could've been great IMHO.

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Thanks, yes the hair is a bit messy, it was a long shoot lol The MUA was good overal, although keeping the hair perfect was hard as the previous pose was a nice hand in the hair pose and it was better to just keep shooting instead of taking a break to re-do hair again. But good comments, thanks.

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OK. I can live with that. Nothing worse than breaking up the flow ;)

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Flash right?

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Yes, that's right.