Beth by Image Faktory
February 11, 2016

Studio shoot with Asian model Beth Lookgade. After a year of trying to contact Beth I finally managed to arrange a shoot ! Flew to Bangkok just for the occasion . Lighting was a simple composite set up, Large octobox for the main top front, two long strip boxes rear left & right. Finished off in lightroom and PS.

50mm · f/6.3 · 1/200s · ISO 80
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John John's picture

I love everything about this photo, well done!!

Image Faktory's picture

Thank you John John.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Why is a busty semi-naked woman sitting in the middle of a dirt road? Is this supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood grown up and waiting for the Wolf? Who is she and what's she up to? I don't get it.

Image Faktory's picture

Its a photo of a girl ! Whats there to get ? and she's waiting for me to take the photo , nuff said .

Eduardo Cervantes's picture

Scratching perfection as usual.

Image Faktory's picture

Eduardo Cervantes , thank you kindly.

Al Koenig's picture

Continuing to knock it out of the park! Well done!

Chris Himstedt's picture

Very nicely done.