Studio shoot with Asian model Beth Lookgade. After a year of trying to contact Beth I finally managed to arrange a shoot ! Flew to Bangkok just for the occasion . Lighting was a simple composite set up, Large octobox for the main top front, two long strip boxes rear left & right. Finished off in lightroom and PS.

50mm · f/6.3 · 1/200s · ISO 80
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John John's picture

I love everything about this photo, well done!!

Image Faktory's picture

Thank you John John.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Why is a busty semi-naked woman sitting in the middle of a dirt road? Is this supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood grown up and waiting for the Wolf? Who is she and what's she up to? I don't get it.

Image Faktory's picture

Its a photo of a girl ! Whats there to get ? and she's waiting for me to take the photo , nuff said .

Eduardo Cervantes's picture

Scratching perfection as usual.

Image Faktory's picture

Eduardo Cervantes , thank you kindly.

Al Koenig's picture

Continuing to knock it out of the park! Well done!

Image Faktory's picture

Thank you Al !!

Chris Himstedt's picture

Very nicely done.

Image Faktory's picture

Thank you Chris.