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KC Cabrera

Model: KC Cabrera
MUA: Aiky Nar
Designer/Concept and Bodypaint: Jason Tanjuakio
Stylist: Boyet S Villaruel

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Another incredible image. Enjoy your work.

Thank you kindly .

Where do you get the outfit ideas from? They are gorgeous

I collaborate with and or hire creative artist / designers to work with , sometimes they come up with the concept and sometimes I come up with the concept. This was a half body paint and half accesories concept.

How much do they cost?

Cost always varies from free to several hundred dollars depending of the concept and number of people needed to make it work .

Hopefully last question. Where do you find a creative artist/ designer to work with? Not sure where to start looking.

Here in places like Bangkok and Manila its easy. Graduating students from hair & make up academy are eager to have a photographer shoot there creations. An example would be the SMA Academy in Bangkok. Some of the best in the industry study there. As far as your location I have no idea.

Thank you sir. It's ok it gives me an idea of where to look. I do appreciate all the insight.

The hand pose alone here is worth five stars... But this is so much fresher, more intriguing and more beautiful than literally everything I ever come across branded as "fashion," whether in magazines or on line. I always enjoy your work, but this one just achieves a new level of concept and execution. Brilliant!

Thank you Toman, so sorry for such a late reply. Taking a break from photography at the moment .