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Twin Pain

These images come from different places. In different parts of me, of my creative process, exploring my unconscious wish of navigation and enigmatic attraction of fears.
Arise from the pain, the pain that characterizes us and mobilizes us in creating. Absences, to expel necrotic chaos and pain that grips our organs.
Surge emptiness, when nothing fills you enough. Of existential angst that plagues humanity, and the answer to everything that is in the expansion of consciousness, knowledge of the inner universe.
Surge of the sacred nature and the spirit.
Of death, that gives meaning to life indelible.
Arises not die without the last breath on this earth, it was worth it.
Impregnate left, left cross, left bleeding.
The pain digs a hole in our soul.

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Really love this shot! Makes me think with this style of shooting and these twins, it would make for a great remake of "The Shining".

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Great capture .

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Hauntingly Beautiful....

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Spooky , but awesome ...

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Super creepy man,
without the eye shadows I'm sure these kids are adorable but this is intense