Liberty by Georgios Karakostas
June 24, 2014

Earlier last year, I was invited to the 18th edition of the « Balkan Hair and Make Up Festival » hosted in Thessaloniki. This is where I met the gorgeous Liberty. She was wearing this amazing dress made entirely out of newspaper. I placed her under an awning where I knew I had absolute control of the direction of the light. I took a few shots and the stars line up on this one. This portrait is not just about being in the right place at the right time but knowing what to do when you find yourself there. I would like to thank my friend and photography colleague Alexandros Giovanis who participated in the elaboration of this portrait.

85mm · f/1.6 · 1/1000 sec · ISO 640
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Tam Nguyen's picture

This is seriously one of the best photos I've seen here!

Georgios Karakostas's picture

Many thanks my friend, much appreciated! And thank you for your follow up!

Bo Bickley's picture

I agree with Tam.

Chris Gillett's picture

I have no idea what is going on here, but I like it a lot. Great work!

Georgios Karakostas's picture

Many thanks Chris, greatly appreciated!

Jason Ranalli's picture

I agree!! I have no idea what this means or anything but I love it! It's something that could go so so wrong and end up looking truly terrible...but it's the complete opposite.

Bo Bickley's picture

I've returned to look at this image several times. There's got to be a great back story on getting this concept to work so well. After all it's just a frickin newspaper right?

Georgios Karakostas's picture

Yep, just newspaper! I was invited to the 18th edition of the "Balkan Festival of Hairdressing and Make Up" in Thessaloniki, met this gorgeous model, aksed her if I could take a portrait of her and SHABAM! ;)

Bo Bickley's picture

Right place - right time. Here I thought you had a team of people wrestling for hours making it look just right. Some of the best photos in the world are made this way. The stars lined up for you on this one. It's a truly timeless image. Thanks for sharing.

A K's picture

Very nice tones and contrast, love the newspaper hat.

Mark Kelly's picture

Love this, and the story and buzz it has gained here. well done man!!!

Klefer Vinz's picture

very nice mood