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Morning Love

This picture is the result of a photo shoot pre wedding we do for clients and friends. The bride had a great desire to do his essay on the beach to taking advantage of all the potential that the environment can provide for pictures at sunrise. We arrived a day before the test and the time has changed a bit, of course, changed for the worse raining more than advertised. Still agree to hold the early test, I had imagined this same picture a little different, but as we arrived early I decided to take advantage of the softness of the rainy morning in my favor, I decided to try a long exposure to get this result, I had two shots to finally have this, which surprised me, and perhaps even more pleased that I and my clients we expected.

Sometimes nature gives us a good chance it is up to us to know avail.

Sony A7SII
24mm · f/10 · 6s · ISO 50
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