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Tyler Newcomb's picture

Great concept! Love the idea and the depth, and the composition. However, it seems like nothing is sharp. I cannot tell whether it is just out of focus or it moved during the exposure. I'd love to see if you try the same or a similar shot again

Fernando Campos's picture

thank you so much for your comment Tyler, I totally agree with you, originally I wanted the branches to be sharp to create that depth but was such a windy night. I'm definitely given a try to this type of pictures,I have many ideas coming soon

Tyler Newcomb's picture

I really think you're on to something here! Would you mind rating and critiquing my photos?

Fernando Campos's picture

Thank you for your nice comment Angelina

Matt Burt's picture

Nice dreamy effect. I like it!

Fernando Campos's picture

Glad you like it Matt, I truly appreciate

Taylor Ritter's picture

Awesome stars! Cool shot.

David Crossley's picture

very nice!

Fernando Campos's picture

Thanks David

Perry Morris Jr.'s picture

All I can say is Wow!

Fernando Campos's picture

I appreciate Perry