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Snow Canyon Sunrise

This is an image that was taken while I was in the middle of shooting a set of time-lapses. It was just too good to pass up! In my own personal opinion, Snow Canyon looks it's absolute best right at the crack of dawn.

Canon 5D Mark II
16mm · f/2.8 · 5s · ISO 400
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Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Lovely Texture and Interesting Sky.

I think a human element would have worked well, to show the vastness of the landscape.
Nice capture.

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I think you're right! Guess I'm just going to have to go out and shoot it again and bring someone along with me! :)

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

If I may suggest, try to wear something that in complimentary colour :)

The scene is mostly orange or brown. So in my view navy blue or something along those lines will add bit more interest.

Good Luck! Love your instagram feed.

Adam Lyon's picture

This looks like make believe. Wow!

Matt Burt's picture

Great shot!

juergen buettner's picture

basicaly a great shot, but it does not look naturaly, too much of PS in my opinion.

Rex Jones's picture

Is there anything in specific that stands out to you that you would have done differently? I'm always looking for ways to improve.

Ed Rhodes's picture

this is amazing! I generally prefer my landscapes to not have a human element. But i come from an ecology background and love for landscapes to have an untamed look to them.

Rex Jones's picture

Thanks so much Ed! I think I'm more with you with the preference of a clean landscape free of human elements. :)