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Rainy Day

Window lighting, that's it.
Nina is one my favorite models and during many photo shoots we became close friends. Love her expression, her kindness and loveable manner.

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Nice photo. It shows all the nice curves of a woman's body. Very nice

If you are using just natural light the shoot got really good, it gives that smooth to the skin and her poss its good, its well define, nice!

Great photo, I love the pose, resting always looks good on a woman. I also like the way the softness of the light adds to the smoothness and softness of her skin. If that much of her body looks that good I would love to see her legs more, maybe even all the way to her toes. Great choice with the B & W, color would just make it look regular; B & W makes it a classic. I need to find me a window like that and maybe an un-tattooed model, gotta love the flawless-as-the-day they-were-born canvases.