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Untitled 5

Canon REBEL T2i
44mm · f/7.1 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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note: read my review of untitled 6 first. OK, now another great shot of Miss Untitled. You do great work. In looking at #6 I did not know she had such a great tattoo. IF you are going to shoot her again and don't mind a kibitz I would suggest shooting her as in pix 6 but from her right side. darken the skin tones, a little mood lighting and color the background showing off her tat and single eye. show both nips. Then a second pix, using the same set up but move a little behind her showing her right shoulder and the arm tat wit her looking over her shoulder back at you, side view of the breast. Good work. you have a great model here and are do outstanding work. Dan