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The strawberry angel

Hey I know it's done before but, I ever dreamed to create my own Milkdress for my self :)

Today I'm glad to show you my first Milkdress I've ever done.
The whole shooting was more complex than excepted :D The planed Model for the Shoot told me 10 hours before that she won't come because the weather wasn't good enough....Holy...
Ok Plan B.... My Girlfriend had to spend some time... She wasn't happy about the plan to stand for minimal 3h for splashes with cold milk....
Well she did a good job and I enjoyed every single splash on here :D
Hell this is a mess, but preparation is the half work and cleaning the is much easier if you wrap your set complete in foil. Make big waste ball :D
If you trying to knock your old Pc out you have to use layer for layer and after my first crash I figured out to change my workflow.
Bottom layer and every splash. After every I splash saved the work and after 10 I merged them.
Step by step is the only way for my pc to handle such a huge amount of data and this is slowing the process completely.
Anyway I don't know how many hours I spend but for sure a lot and I finished.

We learned a lot for our next shooting and my it would be easier for us.

The shooting is done with 5 Broncolor flashes and a Para133 as my mainlight.

Canon-1D X
45mm · f/7.1 · 1/250s · ISO 200
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Great photo!! Did you color some of your layers to get the red color, or did you use colored liquid?
Did you use an assistant to throw the milk, or did you use a remote to trigger the camera?

The milk is coloured by red finger paint for kids.
I had an Assistent to trigger and for preparing the liquid. To throw the milk I couldn't let the job do anyone else than my self....It's so much fun :D

Best wishes!

Yeah, that's looks like it was a lot of fun to do!!!

The outcome is great - these milky shots really look so cool and this is really really well executed

This is absolutely fantastic.