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hi-five kid

In the middle of the peruvian amazon, there's this one village with only 18 people living in it. This is the youngest inhabitant. I could not speak his language but signs, smiles and gestures are enough to talk to a curious kid. I was with him for about 1 hour, i shot every single angle i could, he seemed to enjoy and laugh a lot when reviewing the images on the LCD. At the end, after trying to explain that i had to leave, i thought him a different hand-shake and showed him how to hi-5. so this is the good-bye shot, after an incredible hour with a child that i know very little about, but that touched my heart with how happy, simple and carefree he was.

Fuji Xt1
23mm · f/6.7 · 1/30s · ISO 400
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Olá Pedro, thanks for sharing this amazing picture.
The feeling that this picture transmits is indescribable strong and positiv.

thanks Mate! :)