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Dettifoss Aurora

Dettifoss is an amazing waterfall - but a bit dull, when I was there, so I combined it with some auroras and made this picture. I really like how the auroras kinda melts into the water.

Canon 5D Mark III
16mm · f/2.8 · 20s · ISO 320
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Not much dull about that. Still got the dutch angle, which I am not so sure is good but otherwise, superb.

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Thanks alot Ian. Yeah... I don't really have any other angles from Dettifoss since I ws in a hurry to get to Selfoss before sunset ;)

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Dutch angle is cinematography term for having the camera deliberately tilted to the side. So here I am talking about the water's surface, which slopes. Easy fix in photoshop or lightroom.

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Aaah! Hehe yeah that's right... completely missed my sight :P Thanks!

George Stergiopoulos's picture

excellent photoshooting, bravo!

C Mellin's picture

Purely amazing work!

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