Yellowstone Canyon by Rex Jones
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Yellowstone Canyon

May 16, 2016

To this date, Yellowstone is by far the largest national park I have ever had the opportunity to visit. This massive canyon is just one small view of literally hundreds that exist in the park. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could!!

16mm · f/22.0 · 1/13s · ISO 50
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Greg Desiatov's picture

Amazing image

Joost van Baars's picture

Great! Could be in a Lord of the Rings book.
(coming from a huge LOTR nerd that's a big compliment ;) )

Rex Jones's picture

Thank you!! That is a MASSIVE compliment, more so because I too am also a huge LOTR nerd. :)

Great job man

C Mellin's picture

Breathtakingly beauty! Excellent and great Photo of your sir! Thank you for sharing this Light-Gem of yours! Best regards,C

TOM SAWDON's picture

Love this pic. Thanks for sharing it. of the best landscape shots I've seen in 35 years. Make good copies : )


Deleted Account's picture

Super image!

Rob Burnside's picture

Just encredible... no words can describe what you were able to capture.

Juan Romero Salamanca's picture

great colors! Amazing!