Snoop Dogg by Mark Fore
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Snoop Dogg

June 29, 2014

Commercial Shoot for Snoop Dogg

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Dylan Patrick's picture

DOPE....would be the right word here :)....interesting shot on a lot of levels, not your typical Snoop shot. What was the context/use for this?

Mark Fore's picture

Thanks Dylan!
This is actually an outtake I snapped during some down time, the shoot was for his new clothing line for Neff. Snoop is an interesting man, I've shot him 3 times now, he goes from on and camera ready, to in his own head. This is my favorite shot of him because I think it offered a different perspective of this superstar, making him a little more human, even though this photo has no commercial value I still keep it part of my portfolio :)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Yeah exactly why I like it, very cool! Thanks for the story ;-)

David Eberts's picture

This is beautifully done. Almost like a painting. Mark, could you give any insights on how you get this effect?