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Sample Answer

Here's a shot of up and coming London based artists, Sample Answer minutes after his set at Vantastival in Co. Louth, Ireland.

The festival is set on the grounds of a stately manor, so it's pretty spectacular. Big trees surround the entire area, the sea meets a river to one side and the hills sweep and wind from the house to the bay. Unfortunately there were vans parked in some of the more scenic places, or large fences, so I was limited in terms of backgrounds.

Anyway, Sample was just after finishing his set, and with the sun setting I grabbed him for a quick shot. I'd tested on a colleague earlier, so I knew I had the settings right.

I used the Godox AD360 at full power, less than a foot away from his face and with a shoot through brolly. I positioned it about a foot higher than his head and aimed down at 45'.

The background was looked after as I was using HSS (The Godox ft-16 triggers combined with the YN622 triggers meant I could control the power manually from the camera), and it too meant I could use a wider aperture for a shallower depth of field.

Settings were 1/2,500 / ISO 200 / F5

I went wider than I would normally, as I was trying something different to my usual look, and I'm pretty happy with the look. I'd love to hear what you think too, though. Honestly!

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