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Glenfiddich on fire

Explore the idea of hanging products, I decided to add a new element … fire. I had used fire in another image of a bottle, but this time I wanted the fire to encompass the bottle, which meant taking a few more safety precautions.

I started by choosing the background for image, I chose an old wooden board because of the organic look and warm color. For the base I used a glaze Floor Tile, because it’s resistant to heat, at least I expected it to be

Camera: Canon 5DMkII
Lens: 100mm f/2.8L Macro
Setting: at ISO 100 f/11 e a 1/125

I decided to divide the capture into two halves:

The first “half” would be used to capture the liquid
and the second “half” for the fire and the bottle contour and label

I made several photos of the fire to include in the final composite.

you can see the BTS at my site

Canon 5D Mark II
100mm · f/8.0 · 1/13s · ISO 100
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