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Lenny Kravitz at MEO Mares Vivas

For the last 5 or 6 years ive been the oficial photograther for the MEO Mares Vivas Festival, andthat as given me the chance to photograth lots of geat bands...
Lenny Kravitz on stage at the MEO Mares Vivas Festival in Portugal

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Great shot!

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Nice tones and composition but the mic stand just detracts too much for me in this shot. Maybe a step or two to camera left would have made a big difference?

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Hi Matt
thank you for your words.
i had no space to moove, this image was made on a Music Festival and therer were, about 30 photographer on the pit, we just had no more space :-P
I persunaly dont care mutch about mic stands because thery are part of the stage, but yes, in this case it was best if the mic was a step to the left of Lenny.