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Devil's Tower

Third time's a charm.
After two not very successful attempts in the Badlands, mostly due to cloudy skies, I decided to move 160 miles NW where it was supposed to be even darker. When I got there in the early afternoon the sky didn't look promising and the weather forecast was reporting a severe thunderstorm warning with strong winds and golfball size hail... I went scouting the place anyway and eventually I was treated with a perfectly clear night

15mm · f/2.8 · 20s · ISO 6400
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I love the subject and you nailed the astro aspect of this image. I just wish that the tower was more prominent in the frame and it's exposure matched that of the foreground.

Thanks for the feedback!
The tower and the foreground are from the same photo (4min exposure if I recall correctly) and I bet I didn't dodge the tower too much because of the noise.
Overall I agree with your comment. I could probably go back to the file and see how it looks like with your suggestions, maybe I should stop being so picky about the noise :P

I totally understand the noise issue, it just gets lost in the dark tones more then I would like. Sorry my initial rating was harsh, this is super close to being really good frame to me.

naaa, don't worry. I don't mind some constructive criticism and you made some good points to improve the shot