A Nations' glow by eshard karim
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A Nations' glow

July 15, 2016

We were approaching the 52nd anniversary of our independence and i really wanted to do something very creative to mark the day. With no collaborations in sight almost 2 weeks away i was beginning to loose my idea and was going to opt to something scenic perhaps a panorama. luckily my longtime friend and passionate make up artist had recently opened a make up shop and she had the same ideas as i had. we sat down and geeked out on our similar visions and we set out to execute the best images Malawi had ever seen. 4 days of planning 5 days of shooting 6 girls and hours of photoshop on each image we realised our concept.

Here we are now, presenting Madalo, the star of the 6 image series; she symbolises the nations glow and unity in a time when my country is being known about its inhumane killings of albinos for witchcraft practices.

We presented these online via instagram and got a beautiful reception.

we were geared to release the next part of the series of the same girls but different angles and takes, unfortunately i was attacked in the middle of the night at 2am sunday morning by 5 panga wielding robbers who stormed my house and robbed me and my family of all possessions, including my computer and backup hardrive, camera gear and studio equipment. I may never be able to release the second phase of this project, thus i would like to share this image to the world.

this was the best project i have ever worked in 2016

Follow my friend and talented makeup artist who made this possible. ig: @bernice_adele

Photographer, me. ig: @irisphotomw

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