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Twilight Memories

Mt Hood reflected in Trillium Lake, Oregon

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Frank Davis's picture

Great job framing the refection of Mt. Hood with the rocks! I find the artificial light in what appears to be a cabin on shore somewhat distracting though.

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Thank you Red. I was struggling if I should remove this light or leave it. I decided to leave it probably because I like to remember how the place really felt

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Nice photo. I don't have any complaints, just "this is how I would have done it". The light is a bit distracting but if we could have seen the house/cabin/structure associated with it I think it may have added to the story of the photo. I want to move the reflection ever-so-slightly left for better symmetry between the rocks... but that's just me. The top of the mountain is hazy, smokey or? I enjoy the photo, thank you. Your portfolio is really nice too.